Advance Automation in Dubai

Automation is stepping in most of the countries throughout the world. So how can a modern city like Dubai ignore such a demanding innovation in its field of industrialization?

That is, UAE government is ambitious in making their financial hub such as Dubai a progressive city by using advance automation in their different sectors such as industries, government, offices, education, health, Police etc.

The aim is to cut the human effort and time consuming methods and replace the manual tasks with automated and self-working systems to reduce the cost, time and increase the productivity by every means.

What type of technologies will Dubai use for Advance Automation?

The UAE government has started working on following technologies to make their advance automation vision possible.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation aka (RPA) is an expanding market that is booming exponentially as it is bringing massive increase in productivity within the organizations. It mainly focuses on delivering advantages to a diverse trend and deals with the application of high end technologies such as AI and ML and help industries automate processes and help humans.

Artificial intelligence & Machine learning

AI, no doubt is a next big thing that is transitioning towards almost every industry in current generation. Be it health, education, government, security artificial intelligence can make all these domains smarter and efficient and reduce the chances of failure with less than 1%.

Industrial Automation

Automation was first introduced in the industries where the tasks were performed by humans which were taking a massive effort, time and cost.

In short, it is a replacement with computers and machines with the human effort. Tasks are done automatically without much of human attention and effort.

How Advance Automation is going to change Dubai?

Increased productivity

Automation of factory, manufacturing process or process plant improves production rate using a better control of production. Dubai in future will be able to produce mass production by drastically reducing assembly time per product with a higher production quality.

Optimum cost of operation

Giving various process to automated machines help minimize cycle times and effort and therefore the need of human labor gets reduces. In the end, investment on employees has been saved with automation.

Improved product quality

Since the automation lowers the human effort, the possibility of human errors also gets eliminated. Product quality becomes greater and can be maintained with automation by adaptively controlling and monitoring the industrial processes in all stages from a basic product to end product.

Reduced routine checks

Labors have to check the machine process and progress time by time which is a tough job for a human. Automation can do this task automatically without chances of missed checks. Further, advanced automation can help automatically adjust process variables to set or desired values using smart control techniques.