Recognition of most personal and public thing

Recognition of most personal and public thing

This is all about the cognitive process of machine to recognize and identify the very weird combination of this utmost public and private stuff called human faces, this machine cognition is brilliantly recognize he identity, the emotions and location as well. The technology is controversial, though it is going to be present everywhere one, but before that it is a compulsion to leash it with the strict law. This recognition is the prototype of the human brain; the recognition basics are same based on the countenance like eye space, mouth shape in a proportion with the nose etc.

Cognizance on contemporary technology

Being the Schneider electric automation distributor Dubai, the C3Automation keeps cognizance on contemporary trends in the machines’ advancement because the firm does not its existence to be just happen to do the business.

Why personal or private?

One cannot live an isolated life because he or she is a social animal by nature and when it comes to the face there is nothing so much of him or her like, his or her face. So it can be said that the face is a unique identity of an individual which has a great significance in public and private life or in other words there is nothing more public about one or private about one as the face.

Transcending the countenance concept

The time is very near when the machine cognition process will get into the biometric, and this time along with emotions, the hair style, the skin color and torso’s proportion with the limbs etc. will also be An individual has twenty five to thirty unique parameters in his or her body for machine cognition to create a unique identity of person on combining the information together. The gait of a person is also unique and this information will also be included along with the clothing styles. These all things are not redundant because may be one could fake out one, two or three of the elements of his identity but he or she cannot bluff with all the elements as it is impossible. This concept may embed a unique industrial fire wall in Dubai within its information processing for commercial purpose.

Present and future of Machine cognition

This facial identity technology is not very reliable, but the future is bright because we can sometimes fail in recognizing the face because many factors influence our ability like health, attentiveness, milieu and interest etc. but a machine is free of all these. A machine will be able to judge multiple elements of the personality of like gait, emotions and countenance etc. to execute the information on the unique identity. It is anticipated that this technology will forebode even that when one is going get involved in the certain activity. The main challenge is the balance in weird combination of the machine constraint for public and private face cognition.