Software solutions for OPC Servers

Software solutions for OPC Servers

The OPC Server is a strong, easy-to-use server software package that allows you to access real-time process information in Control and Protection devices from any SCADA system, Distribution Control System, or other system that supports OPC Client. This software solution assists you in making decisions by providing you with the appropriate information at the appropriate time and in the appropriate location. Contact OPC software supplier Dubai!

As a result of seamless integration

The OPC Server, which is based on open protocols, allows for open integration of process data from all ABB control and protection devices. The OPC Server improves fault tracing in application software by allowing security and control to interface with the client's application's computer. As a consequence, connection and data quality are quickly validated, commissioning is completed faster, and integration expenses are reduced.

With a well-established industry standard

The OPC follows the OLE with Process Controlling (OPC) specification. Reading, writing, and subscription to control and protection functions are all available through the OPC server. Control commands and adjustments for protective parameters can be delivered directly to the units. New data will be automatically obtained from these units in the same way.

With integrated control technology, ABB is able to meet the utility and industry's stringent demand to enhance power production, transmission, distribution, and quality. In order to optimize assets and cut expenses, decision makers must have the appropriate information at the right time. ABB satisfies the needs of utilities and industry by allowing them to freely choose the control and protection products, distributed control systems, and SCADA systems they want while also ensuring that all products and solutions operate together.

The OPC Server solution provides a fresh look at product longevity in substation automation. This server allows you to link your relay and interface solutions that use the LON or SPACOM protocols directly to upper-level systems without the use of separate gateways. As a consequence, during substation retrofits, you may better merge your current secondary gear and new technology installations.

Functions and features summary

  • All process automated machines (DCS), SCADA systems, and systems with OPC Client support are welcome to participate.
  • The OPC evaluation system is followed.
  • Supports ABB's whole line of protection and control devices.
  • The protection and control devices are monitored and controlled.
  • Monitors and records the data collected by the control and protection devices.
  • Supports reading and adjusting the parameters of protection and control devices.
  • Support for syncing time. Call IoT system integrator in Dubai!
  • Engineering is simple since it is based on common technologies.
  • Upgrades are simple.
  • Exceptional performance
  • A strong basis for future investments in ABB's Industrial IT solutions.