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The light thrown on the industrial automation

There was time when the large work force was leaving the factory to home because the individuals had served the task for the certain day by staying in the factory or warehouse. The productions that were done by the human hands gradually were replaced later with the machines. The reason was that machines were more efficient and effective than humans, though their installation, maintenance cost and dependency on human dexterity were the necessary concerns. Now the world is heading towards the industrial revolution 4.0 and the machines have been replaced with the computers, smart machines and robot etc. are partially of the human thinking. It can be simplified in another way that intelligent machines working without the human dependency or interference as per the industrial expectations.

The word automation stands for the action which is taken on own without taking an advice from anybody. The mechanism for the particular system that works without any instructions from outside, and it also provides autonomous capability to machine to Schneider electric PLC distributor Dubai take decisions with in the parameter of industrial settings. Visit C3 a famous IOT company in Dubai!

The logical programming commands are replaced with the Human involvement into the work done by the powerful machines.

The components of the Industrial Automation

There are two different types of controllers in industrial automation and they are PLC (

Programmable Logic Controllers) and DCS (Distributed control system).

The devices famous as Field Industrial devices.

The network and communication of the industries.

The interface famous human machine interface or HMI.

Supervisor control and Data acquisition which is famous as SCADA.

Last but not least the personal computers

The things that make the automation technology so complex are nothing, but the synchronized work of the large number of devices. Do not worry if you are looking for Schneider electric distributor in Dubai then call C3 automation!

Levels within the Automation System

There are three levels in an automation system known as field, control and information/application or management level. They are explained below

Field Level Devices

The devices that are used within the field are known as field level devices.

Control Level

The varieties of controllers are used in this level.

Information & Management

This level is above all or it can be said as an upper level where the logic and design executed.

The automation has changed the phase and face of the industries and as the time is passing the things will be changed and there will be a time where machines will reach to the next level very near to the human abilities. Thinking of Schneider Dubai, then call C3 as a cyber security company in Dubai!