Working staff with no health Issues - C3automation

Working staff with no health Issues - C3automation

The modern century is blessed with many things that mankind cannot imagine just decades ago, the technology has facilitated us in the domain of healthcare, industries, education and transportation etc. but one side is the brighter while the other is gloomy as we cannot control many things especially a catastrophe, when they emerge without an alarm.

Pandemic pleads transmutation

Dubai is the huge business hub in South Asia; the business verticals need an advanced automation company in Dubai for the local support. The investor needs a solution from this type of business solution partner in order to cut the health and life risks expenses that are related to humans, jobs at twenty dollars per hour worldwide are highly prospective subject to automation.

The economical growth will not be hampered if in case of health related catastrophe worldwide, because machine may retire, but never gets tired.

Economic shock’s solution

Human are highly vulnerable to the diseases and their work efficiency and effectiveness are influenced by the health, but a robot does not requires health case. Artificial intelligence is not just the process of information, but it is also a revolution in automation, to the level where humans were ought to perform the tasks manually.

The potable and edible production industries, after the global pandemic have mostly switched to the automation by relieving the administrative human staffs. The economic shock is the result of the high contamination risk caused by the Covid 19, in easy language if one of the human staff is affected it will influence the efficiency of the other staff and it will result in peer’s quarantine.

Human versus Machine

There are intense chances that man will be competing machines in the near future which surely grows concern of the wages pressure. The world is changing to such a level that the knowledge of computer is considered as a necessary skill rather than a basic skill. The multi generation challenges in the organizations became a big issue because of the poor education system that sometimes follows the obsolete concept, while the vocational education with the contemporary content will help the professional to work with the machines. This will result in the better and effective labours to work with the advanced automation.


It is anticipated by the experts that due to the pandemic affect the fourteen percent of the global jobs will be replaced by machine and deep learning by 2030. The training programs for the employees are in an intense trend globally to fill the skill gaps caused by the time and obsolete syllabus. Being ICS cyber security company Dubai, we eye the increase in the skill development programs rather than the capital, the good thing is that we believe in the efficiency of the skilled workforce over their counts at the workplace.