Control Rooms

Control Rooms

What CONSYST offers?

  • Regional Energy Management Centres (REMCs)
  • Renewable Energy Data Centers.
  • Central Control rooms for Distributed Plants/ Assets.
  • Load Dispatch Centers
  • Integrated Command & Control Centers for Water Networks (Water Transmission, Water Treatment, Water Distribution)


We are experts in leveraging and integrating information for collaboration and facilitating responsive operations and crucial commands.  

  • We provide a design that perfectly compliments the operator’s requirement, for a better and focused work environment that enhances the overall performance of the operator.
  • Unlimited scalability and efficient space management
  • Redeployable architecture paves way for advanced, interactive, single sign-on management of the whole system, as well as providing the tools to integrate disparate systems and leverage existing infrastructure.
  • 24/7 reliability, spotless image quality from any operator position, and operator friendly are just some of our key aspects.