ICS Cyber Security Company Dubai


We can Elevate your Cyber Security to a New Level

C3 Automation helps to keep potential cyber threats such as malware and viruses at bay. Apart from staying ahead in other aspects of the business, it is also very necessary to emphasize on security. C3 Automation is known for being a reliable IT/OT cyber security company in Dubai. Our technical team will secure your business and industrial wireless from all the sides and provide protection from different threats. To counter different types of threats, we have developed full-proof service and innovative solutions.

C3 Automation is known for providing end to end safety and cyber defense solutions. In the last few years, we have worked extensively to sharpen our security services capabilities. C3 Automation is committed to transcend your digital business and provide the highest possible security. It is a milestone for us to become the leading cyber security company in Dubai.

We are familiar with the criticalities faced by current businesses and deliver tailored security solutions using industrial firewall. C3 Automation can swiftly detect any threat and react during any cyber-attack.

Reason to avail the service of C3 Automation:

  • Firewall solutions
  • Malware and antivirus solutions
  • Security from threats such as hackers
  • Data center security

One of the wireless security technologies we use includes:

BAT Wireless Technology

EAGLE Firewall

Tofino Firewall

Our security specialists have mastered the cyber security market. After profoundly understanding the key requirements of the market, we have attained the capacity to deliver customized cyber security solutions to clients. In case you are searching for the best cyber security company in Dubai, contact us and share your concerns along with priorities. Staffed by a competent team of cyber specialists, C3 Automation serves business organizations and government agencies alike.