Dashboards & Reports

Dashboards & Reports

IoT analytics, as a critical component of modern IoT solutions, enable businesses and IoT enthusiasts to transform data collected from their devices into valuable knowledge. This information can take many forms, including integrated performance metrics, direct insights into user preferences, and timely anomaly detection for remote devices. Driving valuable insights from data helps companies achieve better outcomes from their connected devices and thus improve ROI for their IoT projects, regardless of industry.

Other IoT features, such as device management, user management, and IoT dashboards, are organically integrated with IoT analytics. It enables users to create end-to-end analytical funnels on a single platform, which helps to streamline IoT data processing and maximize the value of device data. Companies can use IoT analytics to scale up their IoT projects over time and come up with more advanced solutions for their business, even if they start with very basic IoT use cases.

An IoT dashboard is the user interface of an IoT platform that allows users to monitor and interact with connected devices via graphs, charts, and other tools and UI elements. Dashboards enable you to manage all aspects of your connected devices as well as gain perspective on your environment by visualizing device data.

Because IoT dashboards are built on top of the core functionality of an IoT platform, users can easily customize their dashboards without interfering with device data processing.

  • Create custom IoT dashboards with our extensive widget library
  • Manage user access and editing rights
  • Integrated Open Distro dashboards enable advanced IoT analytics visualization, analytics rules, and smart alerts
  • IoT dashboard templates pre-configured for specific IoT use cases
  • Branding features allow you to change the color scheme, add your logo, and modify other UI elements.