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Industrial premises, manufacturing plants and other state-of-the-art complexes function due to installation of necessary but intricate setups. An Ethernet switch acts as a central station linking various wired devices with each other. The switch is also connected to modem and router for access to the Internet. Wi-Fi is the wireless counterpart to the ethernet. The normal and regular Ethernet switches transit data signals and the powered versions transfer electrical power to devices such as CCTV cameras.

C3 Automation is a industrial networking company Dubai that takes appropriate care and leaves no stone unturned to meet the requirement. In this age of technology, connection between wired devices allows expansion of the network with relative ease. If you are looking for Ethernet Switches, look no further than C3 Automation. We have helped large commercial players and small businesses with innovative ways. C3 Automation has all necessary tools and expertise to meet your requirement including Ethernet Switches.

One of the new Ethernet and Switch devices we offer includes:

Hirschmann switches

Hirschmann switches

MACH 1020/1030/1040

GREYHOUND 1020/1030/1040

Industrial cellular

Fundation fieldbus gateways Dubai

Profibus gateways

Specialties of our Ethernet Switches are as follows:
  • ⦿ Plug and operate facility in unmanaged switches
  • ⦿ Reliability
  • ⦿ Simplicity
  • ⦿ Capability of power over Ethernet in rugged metal enclosure for official network

Feel free to contact us for further details about technical details of Ethernet Switches supplied by us.