Why CONSYST a Perfect Solution

In a scenario of ever-expanding opportunities and development of newer business models, companies are looking at exploring newer ways to adopt digital technologies within their realm of food production. For insightful companies seeking to reap the benefits of these technological advances CONSYST is the perfect solution.

Food industries demand strict temperature monitoring requirements to prevent damage resulting from insufficient temperature control for certain types of goods. Cold storage & the temperature monitoring technology has the ability to monitor temperature and assure safety automatically and with instant alarms in real-time means which enables users to act when action is required. Moreover, Wireless Temperature / Level monitoring solutions technology is completely flexible. The utilization of long-range radio telemetry enables users to move and expand systems as and when business needs change and grow.

Reducing risk and controlling process downtime is the significant factor that transforms production efficiency for food and beverage manufacturers. Thanks to utility / Energy Management (EMS/UMS) applications and Energy saving projects provided by CONSYST for efficient energy utilization and prevent wastage.

System failure, reduce potential production delays and decrease overall operating costs, and hence overall increase in the revenue.

Compressor Management Systems to monitor, sequence and analyze compressed air system performance. It balances service hours, prevents simultaneous motor starts and maintains tight pressure control, can be adapted to most systems and can manage a number of compressors or vacuum pumps.

We use the safest and most effective Motor Control Centres (VFDs & commercial starters)for grouping motor control and associated control. They display a high level of intelligence by delivering vital operating information, provide automation features, optimal control, and critically fast communications to meet even the most demanding applications.

Digital Transformation made easy.


The digital transformation is less intimidating as the upgrades can be completed without connecting, rewiring or changing existing equipment control systems and PLCs. 


We provide a low-cost hardware system that can be up and running in a few hours combined with an easy and intuitive yet powerful analytics dashboard. 


We also provide devices and wireless connectivity that can easily capture sensor data without dramatic wiring needs. 


Enables operators to get notification on critical alarms and events via SMS and email.

Solutions We craft:

  • Compressor Management Systems.
  • Utility / Energy Management (EMS/UMS)
  • Cold Storage Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Temperature / Level monitoring solutions
  • Motor Control Centres (VFDs & commercial starters)
  • Energy saving projects