Protocol Converters Supplier Dubai

Reach C3 Automation For State-of-the-art Protocol Converters

To convert the standard protocols for the purpose of interoperability, protocol converter is used. Most of the businesses are already using them for making their operations more efficient. Contact C3 Automation for state-of-the-art protocol converters and attain better compatibility in an efficient and seamless manner.

Protocol converters are highly useful devices that facilitate conversion of a standard protocol to another and allow interoperability or compatibility between the devices. There are a number of protocols used in various fields that include power generation, oil and gas, automation, and remote monitoring applications. Here's why you should reach us for a protocol converter:

  • ⦿ Networking and serial communication can be carried out without a need to bother about the hardware level programming.
  • ⦿ Protocol converters can help a single site to grow into a system with various IEDs and further into one having various sites linked to each other.
  • ⦿ Data can be transmitted across the channel in a transparent manner using a protocol converter without any additional programming.

At C3 Automation, we offer weapons-grade protocol converters that support Modbus ASCII, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, and the RFC-2217, Ethernet, RS-232 and more. Doing so, we aim to help firms in bridging the communication gap and achieving seamless compatibility between devices within the system.