Remote Monitoring Solutions

Why prefer Remote Monitoring Services?

Remote Performance Monitoring

Remote network monitoring tools receive information from equipment and compile them into a monitoring dashboard. With a remote monitoring dashboard, users can receive information about the performance anywhere anytime.

Proactive Maintenance

Remotely detect the issues, avoid unwanted site visits, and prevent huge outages by on time maintenance.

Low cost and Minimized Manpower

Automated systems reduce the requirement of manpower. Efficient monitoring reduces expenses for maintenance.

Reliable and Secure

Ensure the integrity and reliability of data received due to reduced interference.


As a committed and reliable service provider, we offer a wide range of customized remote monitoring solutions. We help our clients to enhance their competency with minimal downtime. Key Features:

  • Remote Communication Solutions based on 3G/4G/5G,
  • Centralized Monitoring Solutions for Distributed Plants / Assets
  • Cloud / Edge based Remote Monitoring Solutions
  • Remote Monitoring Systems with Industry grade IoT Gateways
  • Support Protocols: DF1, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, MQTT, OPC-UA, HTTP/HTTPS

Want to know how we monitor temperate from cold storages remotely, analyze the energy consumption of process plants, remotely monitor the performance of multiple Solar PV pants, manage hydroelectric power plants, and operate pumping stations and water treatment plants remotely?