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C3 Automation believes in delivering permanent and promising technical solutions. We also have reliable partners like Schneider electric. Our products and services are used by various industries. The integrated and latest solutions offered by C3 Automation are easily applicable in Industrial, commercial and residential premises. Helping industrial automation and electrical distribution is the specialty of Schneider electric.

More about Schneider PLC

Industrial automation depends on various components and PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) is one amongst them. This hardware component is involved directly with the field instruments. With the help of wide range of Schneider PLC offerings, it becomes possible to have access to controls. Moreover, monitoring of a wide array of connected machinery along with all software systems also becomes possible. There are a multitude of communication protocols with which Schneider PLC can work such as signal processing, i/o interfacing, data conversions, etc. C3 Automation aims in giving easy solutions to the clients. Our PLC solutions are user programmable. By embracing our solutions, your manufacturing processes can touch the next level. Solutions such as PLC are purposely designed to play an instrumental role by giving a greater control in hostile and harsh conditions.

We believe in offering an extensive range of automation solutions to our clients. You can contact us for Schneider radio solutions. We believe in providing reliable, complete and versatile solutions to ensure uninterrupted long-range wireless data communications that can be used in a wide range of telemetry and SCADA applications.

Schneider radio solutions are used in following areas:

Operation of oil and gas exploration
In controlling wastewater treatment plants
In power plants (managing smart grids)
Extraction of minerals
Production and transportation of petro-chemical products
Other miscellaneous uses in alarm systems, fire emergency, managing public transport, weather, soil and pollution monitoring

Benefits of using Schneider radio solutions -

Flexible design
Sufficient number of facilities
Completely dependable and meant for secure remote data communication
Use of latest wireless data technology
Long range coverage
Built-in security features
Robust and can function in harsh environment
Easy maintenance
Can be remote monitored and configured