Wireless Sensor Networks

Why Wireless Sensor Systems for your firm?

Majority adopt WSN because of the quick and easy installation process. Wireless systems could be the best option where hard wiring is difficult or impractical, and situations where there are construction limitations. Also, new devices can be installed any time easily without making any structural changes. This flexibility and low maintenance cost is another factor that leads firms to go for WSN.Wireless products are everywhere, they perform reliably and consistently - meaning wireless technology is more than capable of meeting performance demands. It can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Wireless technology lends itself perfectly to IoT applications, allowing direct connection over Wi-Fi, mobile data networks or local wireless networks and the devices have built-in intelligence that enables them to identify and link to the wireless building network automatically.

Furthermore, wireless systems can be incredibly secure by using encryption with multilevel authentication.

What CONSYST offers?

  • Long Range & Low power Wireless Communication Systems for Data Collection & Aggregation
  • Cellular Networks including 3G/4G/5G
  • RS232, 422 and 485 wireless serial communication
  • Industrial Wifi based communication systems
  • Scaleable Wireless Communications Systems (Mesh Networks)
  • Leased Line or Fibre Optic Based communication.