What is OT patch management software?

Patch management for OT/ICS systems is frequently regarded as a fundamental cyber security process. Major cyber security controls and compliance standards rely heavily on vulnerability and patch management (i.e. NIST Cyber Security Framework, CIS Top 20 Controls, NERC CIP).

Patch management appears to be a simple process: simply apply software updates to your OT systems. Vendors distribute patches to close any security or functional gaps in your systems. On paper, this seems so simple, but many security teams and system operators overlook or ignore it.

Patch management is defined as a comprehensive cycle that begins with ensuring baseline data, then moves on to identifying available patches and known vulnerabilities, reviewing patches for applicability and OEM-vendor approval, designing deployment or mitigation strategies, executing patch deployment and confirmation, and finally re-establishing baselines.


While IT software patching is common, it is tedious, difficult, and time-consuming in OT environments due to a lack of time and necessary skills. As a result, Verve created an end-to-end patch management program to reduce the time and complexity of safe patching, thereby improving the quality of your industrial security.

Simplify OT/ICS Patch Administration

While OT patch management appears to be a simple function on the surface, it is actually a difficult and time-consuming task. The time and effort burden can be significant in the absence of automated collection and monitoring tools.

Manual tasks are much more prone to error and require more time and effort to rework, potentially exposing your OT systems and regulatory standing to cyber security risks.

Because any or all of the products and services outlined in this document are scalable to fit any client situation, the patching solution is flexible and scalable.

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