Renewable Energy


Renewable Energy

The inability to access necessary infrastructure and remote location frequently prevent the use of renewable energy. A rising number of providers of renewable energy are implementing cutting-edge strategies to remove obstacles to energy efficiency and bring about a profound change in the industry. Even in rural, isolated places, asset digitization, data collecting about the assets, and control systems created by the interconnected assets can help to increase their energy efficiency and lower energy costs.

C3 Automation can help you anticipate change.

Monitoring solar data to increase output

Further enhancing the dependability of solar energy systems is the incorporation of IoT and sensor applications. Automation can be utilized in plants to remotely control and regulate the different plant parameters, ensuring the highest level of energy production efficiency. We provide cloud-based remote monitoring solutions and on-premise SCADA systems to efficiently run utility-scale solar PV plants.


For 1000/1500 VDC applications, Solen series DC string combiner boxes are made to provide protection and performance monitoring. These technologies lessen and stop variables that cause solar PV cell yields to fall.

Condition assessment and preventative upkeep

Assets are continuously monitored with sensors as part of condition monitoring, and the data collected is sent to the cloud where a variety of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms are used to forecast the health and impending failure of the assets, choose the best time to perform maintenance, and ultimately maximize ROI.

Telemetry Devices

Telemetry systems are used to intelligently respond and adapt to changes in the grid and they can also considerably reduce unscheduled downtime by spotting problems. This helps to make grid operation reliable, cost-effective, adaptable, and safe.