power energy


C3 Automation can transform your industry.

By integrating Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, the primary goal can be attained along with real-time data accessibility, automated control, and optimization tasks. It is possible to more accurately predict maintenance requirements, increase operating efficiency, and reduce system downtime by implementing predictive maintenance using real-time remote data gathering, recording of energy usage, and capturing factors related to power quality.

The core business of C3 Automation is the provision of services that make use of cutting-edge technology to convert raw data into information that can be used to improve plant performance. We provide:

  • Hydro power plant governor control systems
  • Management & Safety for Generators, Transformers, Feeders, Cables & Busbars
  • Substation telemetry systems, SAS
  • System for Hydro/Thermal Plant Control (SCADA, DCS)
  • Monitoring of Generator and Transformer Conditions
  • Renovations and upgrades to control systems
  • Solar PV Data Monitoring (Cloud/On-Premise Remote Monitoring, Solar SCADA)
  • String Combiner with String Monitoring Boxes
  • Weather Channels
  • Solar PV - Diesel Hybrid Kits in Packages.

Customers are connected directly to the power distribution station via a dependable communication link we provide, enabling two-way communication. By providing vital operational information to the utility authorities, performance concerns can be successfully handled, cutting down on system downtime.

By passing crucial operational information to the utility agencies, smart tools provided by us can be utilized in the renewable energy industry to manage energy generation, minimize energy consumption, handle performance concerns, and increase operational safety. Additionally, these can be utilized to automatically control the temperature, humidity, and lighting in a plant.