Water / Waste Water Management

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Water / Waste Water Management

C3 Automation offers strategic solutions

Centralized management systems for water networks

Effectively managing water resources means structuring data efficiently and providing easy access and the right information to the stakeholders. A Central Control Room for water networks is a center for risk, incident and crisis management, and business continuity, and it acts as a focal point for operational information and a communication hub for the operational business.


Automated Pumping Stations

We make use of all the features and advantages that cutting-edge automation technologies have to offer. Pumping station automation reduces the need for manual pump control settings, daily inspections, and data collecting while also providing accurate and dependable level measurement. Increasing the amount of data available for decision-making results in better plant operation and quality control.

Automation of Water Transmission and Distribution

Utilities will be able to develop cutting-edge concepts for better customer services, reliability, deferring capital expenditure, and system operation through water transmission and distribution automation. To improve operating efficiency and maintain high levels of water quality and availability, the digital water meter network makes use of real-time sensor data collecting and remote control activation of controls.

Systems for controlling RO, UV, SBR, and WWTPs

Before population increase, changes in industrial processes, and technical advancement, wastewater contamination is addressed by technologies for treatment such as RO, UV, SBR, and WWTP. The bulk of toxins in water are removed from it by sewage treatment plants, which are used to treat both municipal and industrial wastewater.

Systems for regulating Seawater RO Plants

Seawater Control Plant Control systems are one of the alluring services offered by C3 Automation, but their low cost prevents successful implementation in desalination plants. By extracting maximum plant efficiency, it helps to gain the benefit of the predictive operation and establish a new operation benchmark.

Analytics for Water Quality

Water Quality Analytics are a pro-active measure to ensure legal compliance, adherence to permit requirements, identification of potential contamination, improvement of safety, resource conservation, and liability mitigation. We offer the appropriate analytical applications for your unique needs.