Telemetry & SCADA systems

Comprising remote terminal units or data loggers connected to your installations, sensors and centralization software, telemetry and SCADA is a tool for remotely controlling and managing your networks. Telemetry and SCADA will very quickly help you manage your network better and optimize the operation of its devices

Machine & Factory Automation

Processing machinery needs to be more flexible and more efficient than ever. Development completed an average of 3x faster Intelligently linked components Configure basic functions instead of programming them. Mapp Technology allows OEMs to focus their time and resources on what matters most: Developing and optimizing machine-specific functions.

Protocol conversion & Field Bus Management

Network Management tools enable commissioning, monitoring & troubleshooting of devices. Our set of tools to integrate solution for permanent monitoring commission & acceptance, network documentation, plant asset management & predictive maintenance.

Data Intelligence

Softing Industrial Data Intelligence’s complete OPC portfolio provides a range of solutions for embedding connectivity into your OEM products to helping you solve PLC connectivity up to business enterprise systems.

Industrial Networking

Hirschmann products include a market-leading transceiver, hubs, unmanaged and managed switches and network management software provides a complete, integrated infrastructure for Industrial Ethernet networks specializing in the factory, process, and transportation automation applications.


Depending on the application a field instrument is required to measure and control different automation processes. Wide range of process instrumentation to measure and control, system components and data . visualization, and recording and software tools to support the seamless integration of field instruments into many different automation systems.