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MEICA 2022

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Every Important Technology In One Place

MEICA was the region’s first conference on instrumentation, control, and automation. The event will showcase innovations from the GCC and around the world that will assist the oil and gas industry, power generation companies, the aviation industry, and others in improving process efficiency, safety, and cybersecurity standards.

The upcoming event will also feature important service providers and engineers who are involved in equipment design, standards, maintenance and reliability, cybersecurity, and asset integrity practices that revolve around the instrumentation control and automation equipment prodigy of heavy industries in the GCC by offering a completely new perspective on the technology and engineering expertise required to power a sustainable outcome for the industry. MEICA will be a high net worth technical conference with the most recent advancements on the market to highlight the significance of the present requirement and to apply best practices to benchmark the affordable solutions that would enlighten end users and operators. The conference will offer a venue for networking with local and worldwide subject matter experts, with an emphasis on all facets of production, manufacturing, and processing entities globally.

In order to make this a truly beneficial exchange for our industry, we hereby invite you to participate in this premier initiative as Sponsors, Speakers, Exhibitors, and Contributing Delegates. We also encourage you to attend the Middle East Instrumentation Control and Automation Conference in Dubai in 2022, and we wish you a very successful knowledge-sharing and business networking event.

Regional Industrial Event

1.Access to International Markets
2. Creative Approaches to Today’s Problems
3. Reputable Vendors and Service Companies
4. Expand Your Customer Base / Target Market
5. Ideas for Cutting-Edge Products

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